What is your peace of mind worth?

Let’s face it: Every one of us has a story.

So what’s yours?

And wouldn’t you want that story told — or at least honored — during your final gathering?

Your funeral, memorial or service is the final chance to tell the story the way it deserves to be told.

Or perhaps you’re planning a funeral for a loved one. You have only one opportunity to give your loved one the funeral he or she deserves.

“That’s why we are here,” said Tammy Dermody, owner of Walton’s Funerals and Cremations. “At Walton’s, we create healing experiences for those touched by our death, recognizing that every life has a story and deserves to be remembered, shared and honored.”

And there’s a way to make sure your own story is told in the way you deserve — or the manner your loved ones deserve.

This is where that concept of “peace of mind” comes into play. Wouldn’t it be nice to start your own healing experience long before the funeral?

“There is no better way to take the burden off your loved ones than with pre-need planning,” Dermody said. “There are financial advantages too. When you pre-fund your funeral with Walton’s, you lock in today’s prices. Your cost never goes up.”

Sr. Couple (Italian)

Here are a few considerations if you’re thinking about pre-planning your own funeral — or about encouraging a loved one to consider the story they’d like told at their final gathering:

  • Prearrangements allow you to eliminate guesswork for your family. When you prearrange your funeral, you’ll allow your family to grieve the way they need to and you’ll take some stress out of a potentially stressful situation.
  • Once you’ve made prearrangements, store a copy of the plan in a safe place, and tell a trusted friend or family member what arrangements have been made and where they can find the information.
  • You have style – honor it at your funeral. Perhaps you like rescue animals. You’re a super fan of Barry Manilow. You collect hummingbirds in all shapes and sizes. Have these represented at your service, including songs, readings or other personal details that are important to you.
  • Avoid emotional overspending: You are loved, and your family may feel inclined to add unnecessary elements to your service to honor you. By communicating exactly which services you want — and which you don’t — you can make things easier.

“Regardless of the service you choose, rest assured that our goal at Walton’s is to anticipate your needs, answer your questions and help in any way possible,” Dermody said. “We will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. We’ve been doing this for more than 50 years, making us the experts in the area.

“Peace of mind takes a little planning, but the result is priceless,” she added.



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