A fisherman’s farewell

A fisherman’s farewell

Among the many benefits of planning ahead is the chance to create a meaningful experience that incorporates the things you hold dear and the people you shared them with.

In this blog, we share several creative ideas for making a funeral service more special and meaningful by incorporating your hobbies and interests, especially for those who enjoy fishing. Giving loved ones a way to feel connected to the memories you shared with them helps to ease the pain of loss and be a source of support as they move forward with their lives. It will also help them pass on the things that were important for you to their own children.

Creating Memorial Keepsakes

A memorial keepsake holds special meaning for loved ones and offers a physical connection to a cherished part of your life. If you’re an avid fisherman who shared your hobby with your children or loved to take family fishing trips, you could create memorial keepsakes for them by dividing the contents of your tackle box, or by having some of the smaller lures transformed into key chains for your family members.

These items can easily be handed out by the funeral home staff at the service as a reminder and celebration of the things that you enjoyed.

Personalizing the Service

Another way to give your family comfort is to have a photograph montage or video played during the service or reception. You may want to pick out your favorite photos from special events and write down the memories associated with them, such as, Billy’s first catch or Last fishing trip before Jess left for college. This ensures that your children understand their significance and can pass these stories on to their own children.

Having the service or reception at a significant location, for example a lakeside or favorite park, is another way to make it more personal and helps loved ones to focus on joyful memories as they comfort and encourage each other. A final personalizing touch might be using a boat in the procession.

Leaving a Legacy

Personalized funeral services are a way to provide for the comfort and care of our loved ones, even after we are gone. Having a time for reflection and including personal memories can help loved ones deal with grief in a meaningful and positive way. This is especially important when we leave behind children and grandchildren who are used to looking to us for support and guidance.

By planning to incorporate family traditions into the service, you help your loved ones cherish and celebrate the good memories that characterized your life together. You also give them a way to continue these activities with their own families, so that they can teach their children the same things they learned from you.

Reprinted with permission from Passare.com.